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Panchi Marathon

We do not believe in just standing for a cause.

We make a run for it.

Feel the adrenaline rush. Let the heartbeat race.
For, championing a cause often begins with getting your message heard.

Panchi Marathon is St. Peter’s ‘Annual Social Cause’ event when students and teachers from various schools at Panchgani run to spread awareness.

Panchi Utsav

We do not believe in just standing for a cause.
Panchi Ustav breaks boundaries (all neighbouring schools are invited).

Every student participates.

Panchi Ustav is a confluence of schools through Literary Arts, Performing Arts and Fine Arts.
It sets the stage for exchange of ideas, explosion of talent and fuelling one’s competitive spirit.

rectSocial Responsibility 

We’re all here because we believe in giving.
It’s about contributing towards society and helping it grow.
It doesn’t matter what we wear, what class we belong to or what state we’re from because the best part about giving is not about what you have, it’s what you give.

The staff and students of St. Peter’s take time off every year to donate resources that help underprivileged children in Panchgani.

Donations made by the school:

  1. Computer machines donated to Municipal School, Panchgani.
  2. Raincoats and all weather shoes donated to Municipal School, Pangari.
  3. Sports shoes donated to encourage athletes of Mandhardevi village.
  4. Computer classes for girl students at the Municipal School, Panchgani.
  5. Old clothes donated to an orphanage.

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