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A good educator’s philosophy is simple: respect the student. Everything evolves from this premise. Respect that every student can learn, and that each student learns differently. It is this shared respect that makes the school a welcome place to which the student is willing to come and enjoys learning. 

There is a growing apprehension that with the increasing attention on improving academic achievement, Schools may be falling behind in fostering the basic skills required in a collaborative 21st century environment. To create a just and fair world, the onus lies on us, the educators, to create societies on a miniature level that value reason, develop the young minds and their innate critical capacities, give a push to their potential to think within alternative view points and learn to go beyond narrow confines of standardized patterns. This becomes possible more so in a residential school than a day school. St. Peter’s provides that all round education which make students responsible citizens, character formation being top on the list. 

It is not a false belief but a growing conviction that we, the 21st century educators have an immense potential to create world class students. We can teach students so many things using social media, e.g. internet technology, Facebook, twitter, wikis, blogging, digital citizenship, information literacy, virtual world’s et al and yet if we fail to teach them the reality of loving themselves, their ability to accomplish great things and follow their dreams, we have but taught in vain. 



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